Social Skills Groups are run in conjunction with a partnership with United Through HOPE.  Groups span a range of ages and groups vary on times, focus, and members involved.  Groups are not limited to those with a diagnosis, as anyone can benefit from working in a group setting.   Groups are often run simultaneously to maximize relational aspects.  Groups have limited slots available for those with the more severe challenges as we prefer to keep our groups representing a wide spectrum of people, rather than solely one type. All groups are naturalistic based with access to many toys, games, playground, recess, aspects as possible.  For details on the groups please visit

Counseling is available through Andrea Mason, LMSW and Brandy Earl (maters level intern supervised by Dr. Laurie Harrier, LP, LSSP, NCSP).  Dr. Harrier often supervises interns or practicum students who offer this as part of their masters or doctoral degree.  Dr. Harrier also may have newly licensed or post graduate professionals working at her site.  Counseling options available include family therapy, individual therapy, parenting aspects, and behavioral challenges.  Due to the nature of who is partnering with Dr. Harrier, the availability of counseling slots may vary. 

Testing is available.  Dr. Harrier often supervises interns and practicum students who offer this as part of their masters or doctoral degree. She may also employ or supervise a professional who is post graduate, LPA, or newly licensed. Testing options available are academic, behavioral, cognitive, and full neuropsychological evaluations.  A Full autism evaluation is not normally offered as that requires collaboration with a SLP and at times an OT to be most comprehensive.  Due to who is partnering with Dr Harrier, the availability of testing may vary. 

Social Skills Groups and Testing